Review of People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
I loved Beach Read, so I couldn't wait to get an ARC of People We Meet on Vacation. This story is told in Poppy's POV, and the chapters alternate between past and present over twelve years. It's a friends to lovers to enemies to friends opposites-attract romantic comedy. Poppy and Alex meet at Freshman Orientation for the University of Chicago and based on their first conversation; they realize they have nothing in common. At the end of Freshman year, when Poppy needs a ride home to her hometown, Alex happens to be her ride. On the drive, they discover that all their differences can actually be kind of fun. They can be their true, authentic selves without worrying about impressing the other. They just click with their effortless witty banter and sarcasm. Poppy is an outgoing extrovert, and Alex, a reserved introvert. Poppy wants excitement, travel, and metropolitan life. Alex wants a steady small-town existence with little drama. After college, as life keeps them apart geographically, Poppy works for a travel magazine, and Alex becomes a teacher in their hometown in Ohio. Their only chance to reconnect in person is to take an annual summer trip together, but two years ago in Croatia, they had a falling out and haven't spoken since. The last time in her life she realizes she was truly happy was with him, and now she wants one more trip to fix everything. This story also had an element of my favorite movie, Love, Rosie -the RIGHT people at the WRONG time, EVERY TIME. The witty effortless banter is my FAVORITE to read. It was a slow burn with excellent character development. It explored friendship, finding yourself, discovering what and who truly makes you happy. After sheltering in place for 13 months, this was a well-needed escape of "traveling" worldwide with them while laughing all the way.